Digital Shelf Analytics​

helps you spot and take advantage

of macro & micro trends in your category

Measure your performance within the market, benchmark yourself against competitors, dive into analysis on stores, new and high-selling items, and more!

Ecommerce Data Solution for
VMS, Traditional Tonics, and Pharmaceuticals

The health and wellness industry has been impacted by the COVID pandemic in so many ways – including the surge in ecommerce sales. Early Data is helping brands track the latest changes in the ecommerce world, from any platform and in any formats.

Digital Shelf Analytics

helps you spot and take advantage

of macro & micro trends 

Measure your performance within the market, benchmark yourself against competitors, dive into analysis on stores, new and high-selling items, plus more!

Our Data, Sample Insights

Our Data,
Sample Insights

Category Monitoring

How is your ecommerce category performing and who is driving sales?

Track online market trends, platform splits, winners and losers at the item, store, or brand level.

Price & Promotion Monitoring

What are your competitors' latest pricing and promotional strategies?

Analyze hourly pricing and promotion for your brand's items or those of the competition.

Sentiment Analysis

What are people saying about your product, brand and segment?

Better understand consumer perception of your brand & products, and identify any unmet market needs.


Your trusted advisor for the most complex digital challenges facing business today.

Insights for our clients' most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, and operations across all industries and geographies.


Macro insights cover all the platforms driving revenue for your categories and subcategories, brands, stores, and SKUs.

See monthly trends of your market along with channel breakdowns for leading Chinese platforms Tmall, JD, Douyin, VIP, PinDuoDuo, and more!

Full visibility into your brands or stores’ online performance across platforms and categories: benchmark yourself against the market and key competitors.

Identify this month’s new and fastest-growing items.

We track all your key competitors’ and distributors’ pricing daily. You can follow the changes in prices over time to see how you compare and gain insight into current pricing strategies.

Use AI to tag and sort items by multiple attributes. Perfect for marketing and R&D teams to analyze segment trends by product ingredients, functional claims, pricing bands and more!

Find out exatly what consumers are saying about your brand, your product, or your category.

Competitve Advantages

100+ platforms covered

Ongoing data collection from 100+ platforms across the world, including the leading ecommerce, social, and live-streaming sites

10+ million items tracked

Early Data tracks and processes over 10 million digital products each and every day

Full product lifecycle analytics

From NPD, market entrance, pricing strategy, competitor benchmarking to consumer feedbacks, we analyze data fields that are critical to each business department

Easy-to-use BI dashboards

Intelligent, interactive, and cloud-based analytics platforms

Industries Covered

Featured Case Studies

01 SPU Reporting (VMS)


The BD team of a global food ingredient provider wants to know the best-selling probiotic supplement items online. The most difficult task is to combine SKU links across stores/platforms.

Early Data Solutions

Based on the standard product names confirmed with the client, Early Data leverages exclusive product clustering algorithms and self-development human-in-the-loop auditing system Arcade to do SKU mastering, classifying different SKUs into master items (SPU).



The client is now able to check monthly best-selling probiotic supplement items across different stores/platforms.

02 Price Monitoring (OTC)


The compliance team of a domestic pharmaceutical company want to know if their resellers/distributors are following their pricing/promotion strategies.

Early Data Solutions

Based on the recommended retail price (RRP) provided by the client, Early Data tracks product price changes at certain time intervals and compare those with the RRPs.



The client is now able to identify price violations with timely notifications/alerts and spot the right item and resellers/distributors.

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