Early Data

Who We Are

Early Data (Shanghai Yikai Internet Technology Co., Ltd), founded in 2015, is a professional data service provider in China. We accelerate business data acquisition, integrate internal & external data, and generate actionable business insights using industry-leading AI, advanced analytics, and BI capabilities.

Through established strategic partnerships with global industry leaders, Early Data has developed a comprehensive business ecosystem consisting of cloud providers, advanced analytic tools, data visualization, storytelling, curated data sets, and consulting.

Clients from Life Sciences, Health & Wellness, Consumer Packed Goods, High-tech, Automotive, and Market Research are working with us to empower their R&D, Marketing, Sales, Ecommerce, Operations, IT and Executive teams to make timely and impactful business decisions.

Released Pharma Tracking services in China
Partnered with Mintel, leaders in what consumers want and why
Integrated Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into daily processes
Expanded data-driven insights, added wellness industry analysts
Launched wellness performance reporting for VIP & Pinduoduo platforms
Partnered with leading solution providers Qlik, Talend, Cloudera, AWS and Denodo
Expanded wellness performance reporting to include XiaoHongShu and Douyin platform coverage

Why Choose Us

Early Data is exclusively focused on China, possessing a deep understanding of local technology, business and data intricacies. We are experts in Enterprise Big Data Platforms and BI tools, delivering a global level of quality, scalability, and reliability. We have a rich history of working with Marketing & Sales departments and ecommerce and social commerce data. We also possess a broad skill set across multiple functions. We specialize in external unstructured data and have developed tools, machine learning models, algorithms, and methodologies to rapidly enhance and integrate such data.